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If you are concerned about your safety with a partner being violent, or fear they will become violent, then you should absolutely contact the police to ensure your safety. However, if you are calling the police in order to “teach a lesson” to your significant other, then you should proceed with caution due to unintended consequences. Once the police are contacted for a domestic violence situation, the complainant has very little control of how the case proceeds.

Reasons Domestic Violence Complainants May Worry

There are many reasons to contact law enforcement for domestic violence, most being proper reasons of a fear of safety. Some complainants may express worries about what will happen to their partner in the following scenarios:

Domestic Violence Colorado Springs

“He didn’t actually ever hit me. I told the police he did, but just because I was charged up on emotions. I tried to tell the cops later it wasn’t true, but they said I could be arrested for lying.”

Domestic Violence Colorado Springs

“I only called because I wanted the police to talk to him and calm him down. I didn’t actually think he would be arrested.”

Domestic Violence Colorado Springs

“I’m worried she will lose her job and not be able to support herself anymore. I don’t want any charges to be pressed, but the prosecutor isn’t going to dismiss the case.”

Domestic Violence Colorado Springs

“I don’t want any charges to be pressed. I just thought if she knew I was capable of calling the police about her actions, she wouldn’t become violent anymore.”

Domestic Violence Colorado Springs

“I wasn’t even the one who called the police. A neighbor called and claimed they saw him hit me, but it’s not true.”

If you call the police for a domestic violence situation in Colorado Springs, it’s something that can’t be undone. There is often no room for recourse. There are many consequences for  an inappropriate domestic violence issue that has been reported to police.

Consequences of Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

  • Colorado Springs police will require arrests on almost all domestic violence calls. If they take the time to come visit your home, someone will be arrested.
  • You must surrender all firearms to police. If not done, or you do not have proper licensing, you could face serious weapons charges.
  • The accused will not be issued a desk appearance when domestic violence is involved. You can expect the arrested party to spend at least 24 hours in custody before arraignment in front of a judge.
  • If the judge sets bail, the accused will remain in custody until bail is posted. Remember, the accusing party cannot post bail.
  • The court will issue a protective order to not have any contact or communication with the complainant. This will be done even if you don’t request or want any restraint.
  • The defendant and the complainant will not be allowed to reside together if there is a protection ordered, to you will have two sets of living expenses to account for.
  • The defendant will be required to pay a large amount of money in order to retain a criminal defense lawyer if they are not eligible for a court-appointed attorney.
  • If the defendant is convicted of a crime related to domestic violence, they will have a permanent criminal record. In Colorado, this will stay on their record for the rest of their life.
  • The defendant may be fired from their current job if notified of the conviction, and may not be able to find adequate employment in the future.

If you are in any danger of your spouse or partner, you must absolutely contact the police to resolve the matter and protect yourself. But if you are simply trying to “teach a lesson” or show a person you are capable of contacting the police, then you should reconsider whether calling law enforcement is the correct course of action. There may be irreversible consequences that you did not intend to happen when making a complaint.

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