Answers to the Most Commom Domestic Violence Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions: Colorado Domestic Violence

Colorado-Domestic Violence-FAQs

Q: Do I have to plead guilty to the charges in order to get out of jail?

A. Absolutely not! Bond will be set for you and, once posted, you will be released. Do not plead guilty because you think you have to in order to get out of jail.

Q: If convicted of Domestic Violence can I posses a weapon in the future?

A. No, Never, Federal law prohibits it.

Q: I never touched my children, why am I being charged with Child Abuse?

A. If your children were present during the events that led to being charged you will often also be charged with Child Abuse.

Q: Now the Department of Human Services wants to talk to me should I?

A. I strongly suggest you contact me or another attorney before speaking with them.

Q: What are the potential consequences?

A. In the state of Colorado, if you are convicted of a crime involving domestic violence, you are likely facing jail time and nine months of domestic violence education classes. Read more about domestic violence penalties in Colorado.