What is Domestic Violence?

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domestic violence

Domestic violence is a confrontation among family members, but it is a widely misunderstood and overused term. Many assume that domestic violence must include physical altercations, but confrontations take many forms under the statute. In fact, domestic violence may include any encounter with physical, emotional, mental, or sexual abuse. Spouses and former spouses, family members…

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Does Colorado Have Dram Shop Laws?

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In a drunken driving case, the driver of the motor vehicle that was under the influence and caused the accident is civilly and criminally at fault for his or her actions. However, you may find you are the co-defendant of a personal injury lawsuit if dram shop laws apply to your drunken driving case. Dram…

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What is a Witness Impeachment?

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Witness Being Sworn In

 Experienced and Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Accused in Colorado When there is an opposing witness testifying, litigants have the right to challenge the truthfulness of that witness. In some cases, they might even challenge their own witnesses. By showing the judge or jury that statements made by any witness are inconsistent with other…

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Why the DUI Arrest Process Involves the DMV

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Colorado DMV

Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting on Behalf of Colorado Springs Drivers with DUI Arrests In the state of Colorado, a DUI arrest not only involves law enforcement and the district attorney’s office; it also includes the department of motor vehicles. Administrative penalties are one of the lesser talked about punishments, but one that you need to…

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Is There Such Thing as a False DUI Reading?

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Police Administering a Breathalyzer Test

Defense Attorney Assisting Drivers with False DUI Reading throughout the Colorado Springs Area If you are pulled over and suspected of a DUI, you will be administered a breathalyzer test by the officer. These breathalyzer tests, however, are not always accurate. A variety of substances can affect your test results, and create a false positive….

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Exploring the Marijuana DUI Statistics

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Marijuana DUI Statistics

DUI Defense Attorney Fighting Marijuana DUI Charges in Colorado Colorado officers and courts have not tracked cannabis-involved DUIs before 2014. However, after cannabis was legalized in the state, the court system began monitoring the number of cannabis DUIs. From 2014 to 2015, fewer than 15 percent of DUI citations from state troopers involved cannabis usage….

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