Answers to the Most Pressing Colorado DUI Questions

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Colorado-Domestic Violence-FAQs

Am I going to go to Jail for my DUI?

What do I do when stopped for a DUI?

Am I going to lose my license?

Will I lose my license for my first offense?

Answer: It is a definite possibility. It is important to immediately contact me after you receive your first DUI offense charges so that I can properly advise you on how next to proceed.

Will I go to jail for my first offense?

Answer: Typically you will not, however, that can change if your blood alcohol content is above .20.

Will I have to take alcohol classes or do community service?

Answer: Typically yes. The only time that you do not have to do those items are if your case is dismissed or if a jury finds you not guilty.

Why did I get charged with a DUI when I took a blood test and they do not know the results?

Answer: This is standard procedure. We obtain the second sample of your blood and have it tested at a separate and independent laboratory so that we will know the results fairly quickly.