The Colorado DUI Timeline

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The Process Following a DUI Arrest in Colorado

Start Line

Complaint and Summons

In the beginning stages of your case, you will receive a complaint, which is simply a description of the charges against you. Next, you will receive a summons which compels you to appear in court regarding the complaint. If you hire me, I will be with you every step of the process to explain things as they happen.


If you hire me, I will be there for your arraignment. During the arraignment, the judge will formally read the charges against you regarding your Colorado DUI and will ask you to enter your plea to the charges. If you plead guilty, the judge may opt to sentence you right there. If you plead not guilty, your case moves along to the pretrial and trial process. Most likely, I will advise you to plead not guilty. This gives me time to examine all of the evidence against you and determine whether the prosecutor has a case.

Plea Agreements

During pretrial conferences, I will talk with the prosecutor about the possibility of a plea agreement. This means that you would agree to plead guilty to a lower charge if you waive your rights to a trial. Depending on the particulars of your case, I may advise you that a plea agreement is not in your best interests.

Motion Hearings

Assuming that we opt against any plea agreements, the next stage of the DUI court process involves motion hearings. This is the time when I, as your DUI attorney, legally contest some of the evidence that the prosecution plans to use in your trial. The motions are a formal request to suppress this information from the trial. The judge hears the evidence and what both the prosecution and your defense attorney have to say, and then he rules as to what is admissible at trial.


When your trial date arrives, I will speak with you about the benefits and disadvantages of either a jury trial or a bench trial. The specifics of your case dictate which type of trial is most advantageous for you, and I will include you in that decision. If you are found guilty at your trial, sentencing is the next phase. If you are found not guilty, then the case and all charges against you are dismissed.

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