What Happens After Multiple DUI Offenses in Colorado?

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Woman Stopped by Police OfficerIf you are facing a second or third DUI offense in Colorado, hiring an attorney is essential to resolving your case in a positive manner. You simply can’t do it on your own. The penalties for repeat DUI violations can be quite severe, and you want an experienced defense attorney in your corner that can ensure that the evidence against you is fair and balanced. Many people feel that they should not hire a DUI lawyer, but the fact of the matter is that your attorney has experience with these types of issues.

Second or Third DUI Offense

A legal professional can examine the evidence against you and determine whether it should be protested before trial. While you may be able to passionately state in court why you are not guilty, only a qualified attorney has the expertise to state your innocence in legal terms that are indisputable. The evidence may be insufficient or even inaccurate, and your attorney can prove that in legal terms.

Multiple DUI charges carry the additional stress of mandatory jail time as a component of your sentence. A skilled DUI attorney will advise you of the potential penalties in detail. Especially in the case of second or third DUI offenses, your lawyer is concerned about ensuring your freedom. Your driving rights are also at great risk, potentially for as long as 2 years. In some cases, your employer may fire you once he learns about your charges. Your will want to minimize all of these risks for you, if at all possible.

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Although it may not seem possible from your point of view, Christian Schwaner may be able to have your charges reduced or even dismissed in your multiple DUI case. There may be legal technicalities that cause your case to be dismissed. Mr. Schwnaer is determined to find the combination of legal issues and evidence that can help you to receive the minimum penalties possible.

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