What Happens at the DMV Hearing for DUI in Colorado?

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Judge's GAvelIf you are requesting a DMV hearing because of a DUI, you should hire a DUI attorney to assist you. Attending a hearing is just like going to a regular court for a resolution to a case. The DMV hearing is the only chance that you and your lawyer will have to show evidence that you were not in the wrong and should not be penalized. Your attorney can make sure that the hearing officers are presented with your side of the story.

DMV Hearing

Even if you hire an attorney, you must still attend your DMV hearing. If you do not attend the proceedings, your license will be automatically suspended for the maximum time period. An attorney is there to work diligently to ensure that your license does not get suspended at all. Your attorney represents you and your interests, but you must still appear at the hearing. The hearing is an important opportunity to ensure you are not penalized more harshly than you deserve.

You will hear about a lot of technical issues and options at your DMV hearing. Although you can represent yourself, it is a much better idea to hire a DUI attorney because he will have a better understanding of all of the options available to you. The hearing officers may only present some of the options, and not all of these options will be in your favor. Your attorney, however, is there to represent you.

Your DMV hearing is where the results of your driving future will be determined. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that the hearing runs quickly and that you have every option available. The hearing office will rule as to whether your license should be suspended, revoked or left intact. If they opt to suspend your license, the officers at the DMV hearing will also determine how long your license will remain suspended. If you have any other options available to you, such as a temporary driver’s license or an ignition interlock device, your DUI attorney will be able to make sure those options are explained to you.

Hire a DUI Attorney for Your DMV Hearing

If you are not satisfied with the judgments received at your DMV hearing, you have 30 days to appeal the decision at a District Court. Regardless of whether you feel you are innocent or not, a Colorado Springs DUI attorney can help ensure you are treated fairly whether you are at court or at your DMV hearing. You should contact Christian Schwaner as quickly as possible after your arrest since you only have 7 days to request your hearing with the DMV.