How to Obtain a Probationary License After DUI in Colorado

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Colorado Driver's LicenseLicense suspension is probably the most inconvenient penalty associated with a DUI conviction. If you have been convicted of drunk driving in Colorado, your license will be suspended for nine months. However, there are options available to lessen the impact a license revocation has on your life. If you meet certain qualifications, you may qualify for a probationary license.

Obtaining a Probationary License

At the law office of Christian A. Schwaner, P.C., we can help you seek a probationary license that would allow you to drive for limited purposes, such as getting to and from work or medical appointments. To find out more, contact a Colorado Springs probationary license attorney today.

What Is a Probationary License?

Individuals who have been convicted of DUI for the first time in Colorado can seek a probationary license 30 days after their license is first suspended. If approved, an ignition interlock device will be installed in the vehicle. To start the vehicle, the driver will have to blow into the device and register less than .017 blood alcohol content level. If the driver continues to register less than .017 for the next four months, the device can be removed.

Individuals who refuse a Breathalyzer or blood alcohol content test are not eligible for a probationary license.

Remember: You must schedule a DMV hearing within seven days of your DUI/DWAI arrest. The purpose of this hearing is to determine if your license should be revoked.

If This Is Your Second DUI Offense

If you have been convicted of DUI in the past and this is your second offense, you will potentially lose your license for one year without the option of getting a probationary license. While your options at this point may be limited, our firm will help you explore your full scope of legal options.

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