Thinking of Doing a Senior Prank? Certain Pranks Could Lead to Jail Time

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Whether it is a fraternity prank, spring break time-waster, or a prank on a Friday night, what seems innocent can lead to lifelong consequences for young individuals partaking in them. While Hollywood makes pranks seem “innocent,” the fact is that most of the pranks people do are breaking one or multiple laws. Therefore, before you think about engaging in an age-old prank, consider if you are ready for the long-term consequences (including jail time).

Common Pranks that Lead to Arrests and Convictions

  • Stealing rival fraternity’s composite pictures. It is a tradition and a prank for one fraternity to steal another fraternity’s picture by sneaking into the building. Prank or not, it is a form of burglary, criminal trespassing, and theft. Therefore, if a person is caught and the rival fraternity presses charges, individuals stealing that photo for fun will now face multiple criminal charges and potentially jail time.
  • Tampering with the Homecoming float. Another classic is to tamper with the homecoming float of another fraternity or school. However, this can result in criminal mischief charges, theft (if the float is taken), and more. Depending on the estimated value of the float, the charge could result in grand theft.
  • Kidnapping pranks. College sports and fraternities are notorious for creating pranks that are designed to scare others. However, pretending to kidnap another player or physically kidnapping a rival’s fraternity member – even without injuring him or her – can result in serious charges.
  • Releasing animals from school farms. Many schools have agricultural programs, and these programs have livestock. However, releasing or kidnapping those animals can result in numerous charges, including theft. In some cases, that charge could escalate to a felony, which would include several months to years in prison and a hefty fine.
  • Spiking drinks for fun. Spiking someone’s beverage at a party or at an establishment is against the law. Not only is it an assault, but due to the sensitive nature of date rape drugs, a person could be charged with multiple crimes.
  • Prank calling others. Making prank calls to strangers often results in that stranger reporting it to the police. Prank calls could result in charges for harassment and disorderly conduct. Also, if the pranks are of a threatening nature, you could be arrested for threatening someone.
  • Vandalism pranks of any kind. Vandalism is not an innocent prank. Even if you know the homeowner or owner of the property being vandalized, that person could press charges. Not only would the courts force you to pay retribution for the property damage, but you could be arrested and face criminal penalties.

Arrested for a Prank? Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

Pranks are nothing to joke about. If you are arrested for a prank, whether you intended for it to be innocent or not, you could face jail time, serious penalties, and risk having a permanent criminal record. That record will follow you around for the rest of your life.

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