Critical Questions to Ask a DUI Attorney Before Signing a Retainer Agreement

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Hiring a Colorado Springs DUI Defense Attorney

When you are thinking of hiring a DUI attorney, you will usually meet for a no-obligation consultation. This consult may be free or there may be a fee, but you aren’t obligated to hire the attorney after meeting with him or her. During the meeting, you are usually presented with a retainer agreement. This is where you pay a retainer fee (an upfront amount for your case) and sign an agreement that states you accept the terms of employment for that attorney.

A retainer agreement has specific information about how you can cancel your relationship with your current attorney; it is a legal document that the attorney can enforce. Therefore, before you sign it, you need to ask several critical questions to ensure that the attorney is the right fit for the job.

Six Questions to Ask a Potential DUI Attorney

  1. How much experience do you have as a DUI attorney? You want an attorney who has been practicing defense and DUI defense in Colorado for some time. Ask about how much experience they have – specifically in DUIs and DWIs. Some attorneys may be former prosecutors, which is valuable experience.
  2. What percentage of your legal practice focuses on DUIs? Some criminal defense attorneys focus on other areas, while some have a large majority of their cases in the DUI/DWI arena. You will want to know how many years the attorney has specifically represented DUI cases, how many they’ve handled, and how many were similar to yours.
  3. What are your fees and costs? While the retainer agreement will discuss fees, costs, and coverage, you still must discuss these in detail with the attorney. Go over the agreement together and discuss anything that you don’t understand. You should know what services you receive for the retainer, and if you will pay the attorney hourly or for a flat rate.
  4. Who will perform the work on my case? Sometimes, you may meet with one DUI attorney, but that attorney will not do the bulk of the work on your case. Instead it may be another attorney or legal support staff in-office. Regardless, you should know who is handling the majority of your investigation and defense strategy, and with whom you will be speaking primarily.
  5. How do you communicate? Some attorneys are not quick to respond to their clients’ inquiries. You should ask about their policies regarding case updates, and what hours during which they may be contacted.
  6. Will you meet with me in jail? If you are remanded, you need an attorney who is willing to meet with you in jail. Generally, defense attorneys do so because it is the nature of their business, but there is a surprising number who will not meet defendants at jail.

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