Should I Agree to a Plea Bargain in My DUI Case?

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Colorado Springs DUI Defense Attorney Explains Plea Bargains

After being arrested for a DUI, it is likely that you will be approached by a prosecutor to strike a plea deal. This may include pleading to a lesser offense, but avoiding the hassles of trial. While prosecutors will make the plea deals seem enticing and possibly offer lesser sentences, there are things that you should know prior to agreeing to any plea bargain.

Critical Things Defendants Must Know Prior to Accepting a Plea Deal

  1. Plea deals come in all shapes and forms. A plea deal comes in all types, including one that is for a lesser offense, one that requires you to plead guilty to another offense, or agreeing to a sentence that doesn’t have fines or license suspension.
  2. You don’t have to take a deal right away. While it may seem like you don’t have options, you can approach the prosecution for a deal at any time. Therefore, you don’t have to accept the one that you’re being offered immediately.
  3. Remember, all plea deals are compromises. While the prosecution will not let you know this, all plea deals are negotiations. So, you may be able to negotiate a little more of what you want before accepting anything. Just remember, the stronger the case against you, the less movement the prosecution will make.
  4. You do not have to be bullied. While prosecutors may have evidence against you, you do not have to accept a deal that is offered only for a short time. Remember, prosecutors rely on the fact that you will feel intimidated by them.
  5. Never admit guilt. While you are negotiating a potential plea deal, never admit that you are guilty to the prosecutor (even if you are). Any admissions during negotiations can be used against you.
  6. Do not share your defense strategy. If you have a defense strategy, you must never share it with the prosecution during plea negotiations. Even if they say that they will offer you a great deal after you put all of your evidence on the table, you must realize that the prosecution is only asking to see how strong your defense is. Once they know that they have a stronger case, they will offer you a less-than-ideal plea deal.
  7. Never accept a plea deal without speaking to a criminal defense attorney. Even if the prosecution puts a clock on your acceptance, never take a plea deal for a DUI without speaking to a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can ensure your deal is fair, but also assess all of the evidence and determine if you would be successful in court.

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