Will You Soon Be Wearing the Breathalyzer Skin Patch?

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Colorado Drivers May Escape DUI Charges Due to Wearable Technology

Technology is always evolving, and with the growing issue of DUIs in the United States, researchers have been looking for new ways to prevent drunken driving – and potentially keep hundreds out of jail.

That is why the research team at the University of California, San Diego has created a wearable sensor that monitors your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) through your sweat. This information is then relayed to a computer, smartphone app, or even an ignition interlock device (IID).

The goal of the patch was to originally replace the use of the IID, that is typically required after a DUI. If you have an IID, you most likely had to agree to install one to reinstate your driver’s license.

The costs of the IID are atrocious, and for some, they avoid getting their driver’s license back just because they cannot afford the costs of having an IID installed and maintained.

The Body Sweats Alcohol

What is interesting about the new breathalyzer patch is that it assesses the amount of alcohol in human sweat. The sensors have merged with wearable technology to ensure that people do not consume too much alcohol, but also so that those with past DUIs do not accidentally find themselves making similar mistakes.

These devices work by installing a temporary tattoo on the person. The tattoo sticks to the skin, and it forces the skin to sweat so that it can detect alcohol levels within that sweat. The portable, flexible circuit board that is inside the temporary tattoo will then communicate via Bluetooth the information obtained from the initial test. This information can be sent to a smartphone app or laptop.

Blood alcohol concentration is most commonly tested through blood, but it can also be found in sweat and breath. While past sweat devices were highly inaccurate, the latest research and the wearable product designed by researchers at the UC San Diego clinic have a device that accurately detects and reports BAC within a matter of 15 minutes or less.

The Reason Behind the Invention

This invention was not just created for law enforcement. In fact, the group set out to create a device that helps consumers avoid facing a DUI in their lifetime. People can wear the patch and receive real-time feedback on their BAC. That way, they can make more informed decisions about driving while under the influence.

Also, for those on probation or parole, instead of the use of an IID in their vehicle, they can wear the patch. The patch then sends feedback to parole or probation officers, letting them know if the parolee has violated any drinking provisions in the release requirements.

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