THC Breathalyzers Are Currently Being Tested

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The THC breathalyzer has been in testing for some time, but now it is available to police officers for field use. The new breath test can detect any new consumption of marijuana-containing food, as well as smoking marijuana.

According to U.S. News, the first test was conducted in Alameda County, where residents were asked to volunteer for a test. Anyone who tested positive was not arrested.

During the test, two admitted to smoking marijuana in the last 30 minutes. The readouts on the machine were much higher for those individuals, because they had recently consumed marijuana. Those who admitted to smoking within a three-hour window were still detected.

Technology Welcomed by All

The new technology is welcomed by law enforcement, but also by government officials who are concerned about legalizing marijuana and allowing people to drive. With a new device that can test a driver for levels of THC, this may help officers identify those who are breaking the law easier.

Colorado Legalized Marijuana, Not Driving on Marijuana

Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational use; therefore, you do not need a prescription or a special card to purchase or use the substance. However, just like alcohol, it is illegal to use marijuana and then operate a motor vehicle.

There are also rules that some residents may not be aware of, including:

  • A resident can only possess one ounce of marijuana at a time.
  • Smoking and vaping marijuana is prohibited in public places, even if it is legalized for recreational use.
  • Driving under the influence of THC is illegal.

The legal limit for THC in the body before it is illegal to drive is five nanograms of less than delta 9-THC per milliliter of blood. This measurement is highly confusing for users, as well as law enforcement, which is why the use of a field breathalyzer tool has been in the works.

There are some who can metabolize THC faster than others – these individuals may be able to drive in just a few hours, while others cannot drive for the rest of the day.

Right now, Colorado Springs’ law enforcement uses a combination of blood and urine tests to determine if a person is under the influence. However, they may soon employ widespread use of the breathalyzer system.

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