Understanding Sobriety Checkpoints in Colorado

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Police CarColorado sobriety checkpoints are a way for law enforcement officers to check many individuals at one time for intoxicated drivers. During the stop, officers look for visible signs that a driver may have been drinking. These signs include slurred words or a smell of alcohol. Officers must ask you for your permission if they decide to search your vehicle during sobriety checkpoints.

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Field Sobriety Tests

If the officers at a sobriety checkpoint suspect that a driver may be drunk, they can not only search your vehicle but ask you to perform certain tests. Among the tests they may ask you to perform is a breathalyzer test or blood test to determine your blood alcohol content. They may also ask you to perform field sobriety tests as additional means of determining a DUI.

Colorado sobriety checkpoints must be performed under certain stringent guidelines. Tests must be performed properly, and the officers must ask permission before performing searches or certain tests. If the officers at the checkpoint do not follow these guidelines to the letter, a DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs may be able to have the results of that stop declared inadmissible in court.

Have You Been Pulled Over for Avoiding a Sobriety Checkpoint?

Legally speaking, officers must provide an alternate route for drivers when they encounter sobriety checkpoints. Avoiding the checkpoint does not automatically mean that officers can pull you over citing probable cause. If you find that this has happened to you, Christian Schwaner can help prove this in court and have any charges reduced.

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