Questions About False Domestic Violence Accusations

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False Domestic Violence Accusation

Why should someone be worried about false accusations involving domestic violence?

False allegations can ruin a person’s life. When police are called for domestic violence, in almost all cases an arrest is made. It is not something law enforcement takes lightly. It can lead to jail time, felony convictions, loss of employment, and financial ruin.

Are there any warning signs of being falsely accused?

If you believe you may be on the brink of being accused of spousal abuse, it is important to look at common behavioral signs. If your partner keeps threatening or making jokes about getting a restraining order against you, you should be concerned. If they have experience with obtaining restraining orders or are often very moody and unwilling to accept responsibility for family problems, there may be a false allegation coming your way.

What should I do if I think I’m going to be accused of spousal abuse?

If you believe you are going to be accused of unwarranted domestic violence, consult an attorney immediately for advice. You may also want to secure all of your valuable documents and bank accounts to protect yourself in the future. Make sure you change any passwords that hold valuable electronic information. Remove any firearms or weapons from the household. Don’t instigate any arguments or altercations, and certainly don’t take the bait if your partner is attempting to pick a fight. Keep logs of all electronic communication with you and your significant other. Most of all, protect yourself.

Wrognful Domestic Violence Accusation

What is a restraining order?

A restraining order is issued to protect a victim of domestic violence from further harm. Most courts will issue a temporary restraining order with very little evidence from the accuser, a simple testimony will usually do. Once it is in place, there is to be not contact or attempted contact from either the victim or the defendant

Should follow the directions of the restraining order?

Even if the allegations against you are grossly false, it is important to follow all the restrictions involved in the restraining order. If you are ordered to leave the premises immediately, do so. Review the order and make sure you follow all steps exactly, and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should you contact the other party involved. Even if you are found innocent of domestic violence, you will still be charged with violating the restraining order.

What if my significant other is prompting me to break the restraining order?

Never, ever take the bait. If your partner keeps calling or texting you, contact your cell phone provider to have the number blocked. Ensure you are covering all your bases and following the restraining order exactly. If you happen to run into your spouse in a public place, it is best to leave immediately, even if you feel you don’t need to.

How can I deal with the negative psychological effects?

Being accused of such a crime can take a toll on your day to day life. It is important to take care of yourself and remain emotionally stable. There are many resources out there, such as support groups and hotlines. If you feel like you are unable to take on the burden of the accusation, contact a mental health professional immediately. Talking with a professional can help keep your head up high and see hope in the future.

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