Examining the Most Common DUI Penalties

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Experienced DUI Defense Attorney and DUI Penalties in Colorado

Drinking and driving don’t mix. If you are arrested for a DUI and the prosecution convicts you, there will be harsh penalties that you must face. While the statute has strict penalties, there are some penalties that are more commonly issued by judges than others.

After an arrest, it is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney. Even if it is your first offense, you cannot risk being subjected to the harsher penalties of the state.

7 Common DUI Penalties Issued in Colorado

  1. DUI Diversion Program – Diversion programs are available for those who have less severe DUI offenses, and often for first-time offenders with no previous criminal history. The program allows you to avoid a criminal conviction, but may require an alternative sentence and alcohol treatment.
  2. Court-Required DUI Courses – In addition to probation, fines, and other penalties, you may be required to take a court-ordered DUI course. This educates you about DUIs, the consequences, and how to avoid them in the future. The courses are not optional if they are court-ordered, and failing to compete the court could result in jail time.
  3. Ignition Interlock Devices – The IID may be required for first-time offenders, but most of the time the judge issues them for subsequent DUI offenses. Once installed, you must breathe into the device before your vehicle will start. If any alcohol is detected on your breath, the vehicle will not engage.
  4. Probation – Most DUI offenders are placed on probation, but the terms and conditions of your probation will vary depending on past offenses and criminal history. The length of your probation will also depend on the specifics of your case.
  5. Child Protective Services Investigations – If you were arrested for a DUI with a child in the car, you are more likely to face child endangerment charges. As a result, a child protective services investigation will be opened, and they may do routine visits to your home to ensure your children are safe.
  6. Restitution – If your DUI results in a motor vehicle accident, the courts may require that you pay restitution to the victims, including medical costs, lost wages, and property damage. Also, you could face a civil lawsuit in addition to the criminal restitution.
  7. Felony Prison Sentences – Colorado has made it clear that it does not like repeat DUI offenders. Therefore, the state now has the felony rule for fourth-time offenses. If you are convicted of your fourth DUI, you could face a felony, which means longer prison sentences.

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