When Does Extreme Domestic Violence Lead to a Murder Charge?

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Women across the country die each year due to domestic violence. According to the Huffington Post, three women are murdered every day in the United States by a current or former male partner. More than 38 million suffer physical violence in their lifetime. In 2011, men murdered 1,509 women whom they knew; out of that number, 926 were killed by their intimate partners.

The staggering numbers of domestic violence are a gruesome and harsh reality. Because of these numbers, lawmakers in Colorado have enacted tougher laws against domestic offenders, and when a woman is murdered from a domestic violence-related act, the man could be charged with murder.

In fact, there has already been such a case in the state. A woman who was found in Glenwood Springs had been killed by multiple gunshots. The police deemed the case as an extreme domestic violence occurrence. The man behind the death was her ex-boyfriend, and this was not the first case of domestic violence against the woman that he had. In fact, he was already wanted for an arrest warrant on third-degree assault.

The man was tracked down and arrested for first-degree murder.

These Deaths Are Preventable

What is important to note is that these domestic violence deaths are preventable. That is why Colorado has been working to increase the penalties for domestic violence offenders. While this is a great protectant for women out there, sometimes these lawmakers forget the fact that not all domestic violence cases are what they seem.

What Harsh Penalties and Upgraded Charges Mean for Your Domestic Violence Case

Officers and lawmakers do not want any more of these senseless episodes where a woman’s death was completely preventable. Therefore, Colorado’s law enforcement agencies may start making bigger efforts to stop domestic violence in the future, which also means that a domestic violence call could result in an arrest and harsher charges from the prosecution.

If you have been charged with domestic violence or if there is a warrant issued for your arrest, now is the time to prepare to combat against how Colorado will be handling such cases. The state already has some of the toughest domestic violence penalties in the country; therefore, you could face years in prison. If your ex has listed a complaint against you that is false, you could still go to prison based solely on her testimony.

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