Consequences for Violating Probation for DUI in Colorado

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Handcuffed ManOnce you have been offered probation for your drunk driving offense, you still may need the services of a DUI attorney in Colorado. Many people find that they end up back in court to deal with DUI probation violation issues, and an experienced attorney can be instrumental in making sure that all of the facts are properly presented for your case. Your DUI attorney can address the issue fairly and calmly, presenting all of the evidence to the court.

What if I Violate My Probation After a DUI in Colorado Springs?

In the case of a DUI probation violation, particularly for DUI, the court may no longer trust you. A DUI attorney can help to bridge that gap in trust. Any breach of probation, whether it is real or perceived, is an extremely serious situation. You may even be arrested at home or at work and held until you can see the judge. Your DUI attorney works diligently to ensure that your name is cleared if the probation violation is in error. He will also work just as diligently to defend your rights if the violation is accurate.

When your DUI probation has been violated, all of the original penalties are back on the table. Your attorney can sort through the situation and see what options remain. The judge may not be interested in leniency, but your attorney will present the evidence proving that you are indeed still a trustworthy individual.

At the time your DUI probation goes into effect, your lawyer will inform you of the various activities that could violate your probation. Actions such as driving while your license is suspended or missing a compulsory alcohol test are examples of activities that could land you back in court. Your DUI attorney will work hard to make sure that you understand the terms of your probation so you do not accidentally violate your probation.

Your Colorado DUI attorney may also set up a system of checks and balances for you if you are worried about accidentally violating your probation. You should ask your attorney what opportunities are available to ensure that you do not have to worry about probation violation issues. If something happens, however, and you violate your DUI probation, your attorney will help you navigate that situation.

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