Could I Lose My Job for Getting a DUI Conviction?

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From losing your driver’s license to spending time in jail, you have a lot on your plate when arrested for a DUI. However, one question that may not be easily answered is whether your employer could terminate you for having a DUI.

Along with the criminal penalties, administrative sanctions, and fines for a DUI, you could potentially lose your job. Whether this is a reality will depend on a few factors, including the job you have and the terms of that job.

Your Employment Contract

If you have an employment contract at your job, and there is a mandatory termination policy for an arrest in that contract or within the employee handbook, your employer does have the right to terminate you for the arrest – even if you are not convicted. However, state law must specify the circumstances for the firing, and most states require a conviction, not just an arrest.

If You Work in Transportation or Other Industries Requiring Driving

Some employers will have the right to terminate based on the nature of the job. Consider, for example, that you are a bus driver. A bus driver typically needs a clean driving record; but, when you are convicted of a DUI, you have a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license, which would impede your ability to perform your job.

Anyone who works for a transportation service or must drive as part of their job duties (such as a delivery person) will most likely will lose their job if they are convicted of a DUI. Administrative processes could be in place to revoke a commercial driver’s license if you are convicted of a DUI, too, especially if you are a pilot or semi-truck driver.

If you cannot fulfill the requirements of your job or your company no longer trusts you to do so safely, they may terminate you. After all, your employer may pay for the insurance coverage on their drivers, which means that a DUI on your driving history and a criminal record would be perceived as too high-risk for their insurance company. Some commercial insurance policies will not cover a driver with a DUI conviction. Therefore, you could lose your job regardless of your employer’s policies, simply because the insurance company refuses to cover you.

The Effect on Your Work

Even if you are not terminated immediately, the effects of a DUI conviction will impact your life long-term; eventually, it could lead to an employment termination. For example, you may be required to perform community service, which takes you away from work. If you have a jail sentence, you will miss several days or months – and your employer is not required to hold the position for you. If the court requires you to perform an alcohol treatment program, you will also miss required work hours.

Save Your Job and Your Freedom – Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney

After a DUI arrest, it is imperative that you enlist the services of a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can help protect your driver’s license, freedom, and even your job. A DUI conviction carries long-term consequences, so let Christian A. Schwaner, P.C. help you avoid them.

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