What is the Penalty for Lying to the Police?

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Whether you are being questioned about a crime which you are suspected of committing or whether you are being questioned about a crime someone you know may have committed, it is in your best interest to always be honest with law enforcement. Lying to police officers during an interrogation or during any questioning could lead to severe criminal penalties. From being charged with perjury to obstruction of justice, it is not worth it to lie when you will spend days or months in jail for doing so.

When You Make False Statements to the Police

If you are questioned by police officers in Colorado Springs, whether for a crime you are suspected of committing or that someone else is suspected of, you are required to tell the truth. Making a false statement could make you guilty of a misdemeanor offense. In some cases, the prosecution could elevate it to a felony charge, depending on the extent of your falsehoods. You could spend several months in jail and pay thousands in fines for not telling law enforcement the truth.

Filing a False Police Report

There is also the issue of filing a false police report.

Law enforcement has a difficult job, and they rely on those in the public and around the community to provide them with information about crimes. Without that information, they may not gain leads that help them solve crimes in the area. However, when a person makes a false statement or files a false police report, it creates numerous difficulties for law enforcement, as well as the person filing the false report.

Supplying the police with misinformation as the result of an error is not a false police report. Instead, a false report is one where a person knowingly provides false information to the police. They are aware of the inaccuracies of their statements, but they are still providing them to the police.

Typically, these statements are made in response to law enforcement inquiries, but there are also instances when a person will approach law enforcement to file a report that is known to be false. This may be done to punish someone or simply to get back at someone.

There are harsh consequences for filing a false police report in Colorado. Depending on the type of report filed, you could face a misdemeanor or felony. If you are convicted, you will most likely spend time in jail, but you will also pay fines. Also, you could be liable in a civil lawsuit if you specifically blame someone for a crime, he or she is arrested, and it turns out that the claim was entirely false.

Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney

If the police are questioning you, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. You can request an attorney before providing police with a statement, and an attorney can advise you of your rights. However, never lie to the police or file a false report.

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