Do I Need a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket?

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speeding ticket

Speeding tickets often seem like something that you can handle on your own – or something that you will just admit to and pay. But, what if you feel that you are being cited for something you didn’t do, or if you feel that the police officer was overly aggressive when writing the ticket? While you may not think that you need a legal professional to assist you with a speeding ticket, you may be surprised at just how effective having an attorney handle a ticket may be – in fact, you may not have to pay that speeding ticket at all, or you may be able to reduce the charges and save yourself costly points on your driving record.

What Does an Attorney Do for a Speeding Ticket?

A traffic ticket attorney can help you if you are charged with a driving violation or infraction. While not every traffic charge needs an attorney, there are instances where you will want to have a legal professional help you with your infraction. Minor infractions, such as parking violations, don’t usually need an attorney. But, other traffic violations, including speed tickets, could. Some instances where an attorney could help include:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Suspended license
  • Driving uninsured
  • Driving with an unregistered vehicle
  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and run accidents
  • DUI
  • Lane change violations while speeding
  • Driving with an expired driver’s license

Is Hiring an Attorney Worth the Cost?

Depending on how many points your license is already suffering, you may want to endure the costs of an attorney. Typically, traffic cases do not require many attorney billing hours or even much time in court; therefore, the cost will be negligible when you consider the long-term savings. When you hire an attorney to help with your speeding ticket, you could:

  1. Reduce the ticket violation, or have it dismissed altogether.
  2. Prevent yourself from losing your driver’s license.
  3. Prevent yourself from having an increase in your auto insurance premiums.
  4. Prevent yourself from creating a criminal record – if you are charged with multiple criminal infractions alongside your speeding ticket.
  5. Reduce the fine associated with your speeding ticket.

Were You Pulled Over for Speeding? Contact a Colorado Traffic Attorney Right Away

If you have been cited for speeding, or if your speeding ticket comes with additional violations – such as reckless driving or lane change violations – contact an attorney right away. Christian A. Schwaner, P.C. can help you with your traffic violations. Schedule a consultation today to explore your defense options by calling 719-577-9700, or contact me online with your legal questions.