Consequences for Commercial Truck Driver DUI in Colorado

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Commercial drivers who have been arrested for a drunk driving offense need the immediate assistance of an attorney. Commercial and other professional drivers face serious consequences on many levels if convicted of a DUI. The blood alcohol levels for a commercial DUI are much lower than for other drivers, and Christian Schwaner can help you fight these charges.

What Happens in a Commercial DUI?

If you have been charged with commercial DUI, your livelihood and future are in severe jeopardy. Mr. Schwaner understand the personal and professional risks you face. You could lose your CDL for up to a year on a first violation, and any subsequent arrests for DUI may result in permanent loss of your CDL. The right commercial DUI attorney will be able to look at the charges and of the evidence from a standpoint of helping you keep your professional license.

Not only are you in danger of losing your CDL license, but you might lose your personal driving privileges. Your attorney will work diligently to make sure this does not happen. He will also work to ensure that you do not lose time to a jail sentence that could have been avoided. A DUI of any type is a serious charge, and your defense attorney will attack these charges as seriously as any other DUI situation.

A commercial DUI is something that could haunt you for years to come. Your lawyer wants to make sure that not only are you able to keep your current job, but that you can still drive professionally in the future. He has the ability to look at all of the evidence and test results to determine whether they were performed fairly and correctly.

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When you face charges this daunting, you want someone in your corner that knows the law and can work to find the best result for you. A commercial DUI arrest does not mean that your career is automatically over. You need someone on your team who can explain all of the options available to you and find the right defense for you. Christian Schwaner is well-equipped to do just that.

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